Internal Complaint Committee

Internal Complaint Committee :-
(Prevention of Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace)  
Sr. No. Name Designation Post Contact No.
1. Prof. R. S. Patil Sr. Lecturer Chairman 9890724846
2. Prof. A. D. Agrawal Sr. Lecturer Member 9226555743
3. Prof. P. B. Pahilwan Sr. Lecturer Member 9975717741
4. Prof. V. S. More Lecturer Member 8329503403
5. Prof. Tirse Ishwari B. Lecturer Member 9022043020
6. Prof. N. P. Aher Lecturer Member 7387191280
7. Prof. K. G. Joshi Lecturer Member 9075000937
8. Prof. M. S. Mukhedkar Lecturer Member 9850525373
9. Mrs. V. S. Autade Lab Asstt. Member 8208114006
10. Mr. B. K. Sangle Peon Member 8149105099
11. Mr. Sonawane Pranav B. Student (SY EE) Student Member 9657242009
12. Mr. Autade Om B. Student (SY CE) Student Member 9096579657
13. Miss. G. B. Chandar Student (TY CM) Student Member 9307542929