Staff Achievements

1. Prof. M.V. Khasne has developed “Online Faculty Evaluation System(Student’s Feedback)” for Sajivani K.B.P. Polytechnic,Kopargaon.

2. Prof. A. L. Deokate has completed M.Tech from JNTU,Hydrabad.

3. Prof. K. P. Jadhav has conducted classes for PHP MySQL Web Based Application Course in K.B.P. Polytechnic for staff & students.

4. Prof. B. G. Kakade has conducted Autocad classes for Sanjivani Institute.

5. Prof. A. D. Pawar has completed M.E from SavitribaiPhule Pune University.

6. Total No.of Research Papers Published by staff: 15+ uptil now.

7. FDP attended by Faculty: 10

8. Expert Lectures Conducted by Faculty as part of interaction with outside world in other institutes / in college/in schools: 5+

9.Society Contribution: Dept of Information Technology worked as a helping hand for “Swacha Bharat Abhiyan” in Kopargaon.

Student Achievements

Sr. No. Name of Student Event in which Participated Name of the Organizer State/National/International
1 Mate PoojaDilip Paper Presentation MHF’s College,Chndnapuri,Sangamner. State
2 DeshmukhNishigandha Paper Presentation Shri Vishvesvarya Institute of Technology,Nasik State

Salve ShubhangiSopan

Paper Presentation MHF’s College,Chndnapuri,Sangamner. State


Paper Presentation MHF’s College,Chndnapuri,Sangamner. State


Paper Presentation MHF’s College,Chndnapuri,Sangamner. State

Patil SapanaShiwaji

Paper Presentation MHF’s College,Chndnapuri,Sangamner. State


Paper Presentation MHF’s College,Chndnapuri,Sangamner. State


Paper Presentation MHF’s College,Chndnapuri,Sangamner. State
9 Vairal Rahul Suresh Paper Presentation MHF’s College,Chndnapuri,Sangamner. State

NikamYashavant Vilas

Paper Presentation MHF’s College,Chndnapuri,Sangamner. State


Paper Presentation MHF’s College,Chndnapuri,Sangamner. State
12 DodeHarshadaUday Paper Presentation MIT,poly,Yeola State
13 AhireYojna Anil Paper Presentation MIT,poly,Yeola State

Kshirsagar Sonali Prakash

Paper Presentation MIT,poly,Yeola State
16 KhatikRutujaDilip Paper Presentation G.N.Sapkal,COE,Nasik State
17 BombaleArti Prakash Paper Presentation G.N.Sapkal,COE,Nasik State
18 BornareBhagyashriFakirrao Paper Presentation G.N.Sapkal,COE,Nasik State
19 Chopra Riya Narendra Paper Presentation



20 DokheRupaliBalasaheb Paper Presentation Govt.poly,Ahemadnagar State
21 Joshi ShraddhaBabasaheb Paper Presentation Govt.poly,Ahemadnagar State
22 JagadhaneVijayaHaribhau Paper Presentation Govt.poly,Ahemadnagar State
23 BankarKalyaniKarbhari Paper Presentation Govt.poly,Ahemadnagar State
24 BhatodeAishwaryaMangesh Paper Presentation Govt.poly,Ahemadnagar State
25 SalunkePriyanka Ashok Paper Presentation Govt.poly,Ahemadnagar State
26 AutadeSwapnaliDadasaheb Paper Presentation JSPM,COE,Wagholi,Pune State
27 DavangeBhagyashriRamdas Paper Presentation JSPM,COE,Wagholi,Pune State
28 AutadeMeghaRamdas Paper Presentation JSPM,COE,Wagholi,Pune State
29 SalunkePriyanka Ashok Paper Presentation JSPM,COE,Wagholi,Pune State
30 DeshmukhAmreenAftab Paper Presentation JSPM,COE,Wagholi,Pune State
31 RautShalmaniGovind Paper Presentation JSPM,COE,Wagholi,Pune State
32 VarkhadePranaliBhusaheb Paper Presentation JSPM,COE,Wagholi,Pune State
33 NimseAshwiniSubhash Paper Presentation JSPM,COE,Wagholi,Pune State
34 DokheRupaliBalasaheb Paper Presentation Amrutvahinipoly,Sangmner State
35 Joshi ShraddhaBabasaheb Paper Presentation Amrutvahinipoly,Sangmner State
36 JagadhaneVijayaHaribhau Paper Presentation Amrutvahinipoly,Sangmner State
37 BankarKalyaniKarbhari Paper Presentation Amrutvahinipoly,Sangmner State
38 ChitteSonaliKishor Paper Presentation MHF’s College,Chndnapuri State
39 AherRuchitaSudhir Paper Presentation MIT,poly,Yeola State
40 Aware Pratiksha Satish Paper Presentation MIT,poly,Yeola State
41 DaheMayuri D. Paper Presentation KK WAGH  WomensPoly.Nasik National
42 ChavanShruti D. Paper Presentation KK WAGH Poly.Nasik National
43 Hon Sayali A. Paper Presentation KK WAGH  Poly.Nasik National
44 Kale Kamini Kailas Paper Presentation KK WAGH Poly.Nasik National
45 ShirsathPriti V. Paper Presentation KK WAGH Poly.Nasik National
46 NikaljeKiran S. Paper Presentation KK WAGH Poly.Nasik National
47 Khan Jishan Table Tennis IDS State
48 MemonWasim Volley Ball IDS State
49 DiwateAkshay FootBall IDS State
50 BorudeShubham Kabbaddi IDS State
51 DiwateAkshay FootBall IDS State
52 ShantanuVetal Cricket IDS State
53 KadlagAkshay Basket Ball IDS State
54 Patel Sanket Badminton and Table Tennis IDS Zonal
55 ShelarAkash V. Athletics IDS State
56 ChandarAniket Athletics IDS Zonal
57 ShantanuVetal Athletics IDS Zonal
58 ChandarAniket FootBall IDS State

Alumni Information

Name of student Mobile No Mail ID Name of Company
MahaleKrushnaValmikrao 7588030921 Tata Technologies,Pune
Sadaphal Nikhil Gajanan 8975230252 VUCLIP Digital Media  Pvt.Ltd.,Pune
KadamTruptiKashinath 9665341629 Inautix,Pune
MahapureAmolPrabhakar 7709855905 QuickReports,Pune
Ilag Ganesh Balasaheb 9762452858 KPIT,Pune
BapatAjinkyaNagesh 7588297199 HP Enterprise
Chandgude Anil 8087594679 Naptol,mumbai
WaghAvdhoot 9021173776 SysAnnex Software & Services Company
KawadeSagar 9527355005 Vijay Anand Craft
Gonjare Amit Shirish 9762232728

Badwar Amit B. 7829339707 MindTree,Banglore
Patil Pankaj 9665988955 Synchron,Pune
More Rahul Yadav 9766351539 Cognizant Tech Solution, Hinjewadi,Pune
SavSumit 9890158281 Synchron,Pune
TekeVivekAshokrao 9960851332 Infosys,Pune
BorawakeTushar 9960347427 Infosys,Pune
GawaliYogesh 8796358787 YashTech,Pune
JadhavAmolDhanraj 9422806288 YashTech,Pune
KureshiTaufeek 9762776576 TCS,Pune

Toppers List

Sr No. Name Class Year Percentage
1 BorawakeOnkarGhanshyam FYIF 2014-15 92.15%
2 Ms. Agarwal Neha Rajesh SYIF 2014-15 88.11%
3 JadhavShubham Kailas TYIF 2014-15 83.10%
4 Ms. Agarwal Neha Rajesh FYIF 2013-14 84.00%
5 Ms. Kulkarni PoojaSudesh SYIF 2013-14 80.00%
6 Ms.ParjaneGayatriDinkar TYIF 2013-14 88.94%
7 Ms. Aware Pratiksha S. FYIF 2012-13 77%
8 Ms.DodiyaMitikaGhanshyam SYIF 2012-13 86.45%
9 Ms.JeughaleRohini R. TYIF 2012-13 85.63%
10 Ms.DodiyaMitikaGhanshyam FYIF 2011-12 83.00%
11 Ms.JeughaleRohini R. SYIF 2011-12 77.00%
12 MahaleKrushnaValmik TYIF 2011-12 85.50%
13 Ms.JadhavShital S. FYIF 2010-11 80.22%
14 MahaleKrushnaValmik SYIF 2010-11 80.51%
15 PathareAniketBalasaheb TYIF 2010-11 83.55%
16 Ms.AherVaijayantiBalasaheb FYIF 2009-10 79.35%
17 Ms. Sable ShitalAshokrao SYIF 2009-10 80.89%
18 Ms. Arora Vidya T. TYIF 2009-10 86.60%