Sr. No. Name of Lab List of Major Equipment’s Area of Lab

Cost of Lab


01 Computer Aided Drawing Lab

Computers 30 Nos


68.10 m2 11,24,402=09
02 Geotechnical Engineering Lab Loading Machine, Load Frame , Balance (5 nos), Oven (2 nos) 68.38 m2 3,49,435=00
03 Survey Lab Total Station, Digital Theodolite, Microoptic Theodolite, Digital planimeter, Auto Level, Transit Theodolite, Dumpy Level. 38.125 m2 13,38,923=00
04 Testing of Materials Lab Universal Testing Machine, Compression Testing Machine, Izod Charpy Testing Machine, Tile Abrasion Testing Machine, Impact Testing Machine . 130 m2 23,33,679=00
05 Chemistry Lab pH meter, Conductivity meter, oven, Muffle Furnace. 92.82 m2 5,80,975=00
06 Public Health Engineering Lab B. O. D. Incubator, Muffle Furnace, C. O. D Apparatus. 54.5 m2 1,99,909=00
07 Engineering Mechanics Lab Single purchase Crab, Double Purchase Crab, Screw Jack, geared Pulley Block, Universal Force Table, Friction Apparatus, Worm And Worm Wheel. 60 m2 23,230=00