HOD’s Desk

On behalf of department of Mechatronics, I take opportunity to welcome you all to our department.

As per our vision our team strive to persistently improve educational environment in our department. We are always engaged in the activities for overall development of our students with various aspects like technical education, self-motivation, ethics and personality.

In the world of miniaturization, the concept of specialization in engineering is slowly disappearing and the industry needs engineers having a clear comprehension of Mechanical, Electronics and Computing. The development of ordinary to extraordinary systems demands multidisciplinary engineering skills which are evident from simple mobile phones to complex rocket engineering; even artificial pacemakers for hearts are being produced. The discipline of Mechatronics engineering has evolved to meet the very high dynamic requirements of industries and our graduates are having all the necessary attributes expected not only by the industry but also in the research and development. Since Mechatronics engineering is relatively a new discipline in India, the industry and academia started recognizing the importance of Mechatronics engineers. Moreover, our students are equipped to choose any engineering discipline of their interest abroad and are highly appreciated by the professors and industry employers there. In a nutshell, the future is only with Mechatronics and there will be no engineering without Mechatronics. We are very proud of producing the engineers of the future and helping rewrite the definition of engineering.

    Prof. P. B. Khatkale